We hope this post finds you all in good health. Our family and staff at the Fickle Pickle would like to take the opportunity to thank the wonderful community of Stouffville for all your continued support through this pandemic. So many customers have truly become like family to us and have gone out of their way to ensure we are able to keep our heads above water, during these trying times for everyone. 

  Although we were initially happy to hear some of the restrictions are being lifted, and we know you are too, we also feel that it is important for the health and security of our family, community and staff that we move into this stage cautiously. For this reason we have made the difficult choice not to open Monday. We apologize for any miscommunication we have created in our excitement to finally start serving the community once again, but we want to make sure that our actions keep Stouffville safe. We are hoping this decision makes this the last lockdown we will have to endure.

  Through this pandemic, with all our health and safety procedures, we have managed to keep everyone who has entered our restaurant safe. We have not had any incidents of any illness whatsoever since the pandemic started, due to our safe and cautious procedures. We feel this move to be cautious in opening the restaurant is another step in the right direction. We will assess every few days where the numbers are of Covid cases in the community. When we feel that there is re-assurance that the numbers have stabilized, then we will be more than happy to welcome everyone back to our dining room. We can’t wait to see so many of the faces we truly miss. We are all waiting and hoping for that day. We will continue to serve you by offering takeout/pickup and delivery. We hope to serve you soon. Stay safe Stouffville! 🙂


Kind regards,

The Fickle Pickle Family